We design and develop a wide range of educational materials.


  • We design customized educational software for clients, both web-based and desktop applications for Windows and Macintosh.
  • We design innovative, highly interactive exhibits for museum settings.
  • We offer design consultation for education.
  • And we sell our own products for educators and students.

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"Tools to Think With"

Our web-based and desktop applications give people new ways of manipulating, viewing, and analyzing information. Each application is tailored to meet the client's specific learning goals and is designed for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Web-Based Applications

Regulating Genes Regulating Genes
Observe and manipulate an interactive model that illustrates the mechanisms that govern gene regulation during an organism's development.
Audience Students, secondary education; general public

Bones of Contention Bones of Contention
Do the work of scientists, using this interactive database to classify actual fossil records of human ancestors.
Audience Students, secondary education; general public

Showing Evidence Showing Evidence
A tool for constructing and analyzing arguments.
Client Intel ® Innovation in Education
Audience Students, secondary education

Historical Inquiry with Geographic Information Systems Historical Inquiry with Geographic Information Systems
A tool for examining historical census data.
Client University of Illinois at Chicago
Audience Students, secondary education

The Galápagos Finches The Galápagos Finches
A web-based scientific inquiry environment in which middle school students use data collected from the Galápagos island of Daphne Major to explain why some finches died and while others survived. Students explore environmental factors, biometric finch data, and field note observations that were collected by scientists in the 1970s, to develop and support their explanations.
Client Northwestern University
Audience Students, secondary education

Desktop Applications

To Save a Species: SSP Breeding Program To Save a Species: SSP Breeding Program
Winner of the Education Award at AZA 2003!
Students learn about diversity of species by taking on the role of a zoo scientist using a database and simulation.
Client Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
Audience Students, secondary education

Secret Life of Dolphins Secret Life of Dolphins
Students investigate the behavior of dolphins in the wild and in zoo settings, using authentic data collected by scientists.
Client Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo, Mote Marine Lab
Audience Students, secondary education

STEP™ Literacy Assessment Visualizer STEP™ Literacy Assessment Visualizer
An environment for visually tracking and analyzing literacy assessment.
Update: STEP began as a desktop application, but we have recently converted it to a web application.
Client University of Chicago
Center for Urban School Improvement
Audience Teachers & school leaders, secondary education

Exhibit Designer Exhibit Designer
Students learn about the relationship between animals and habitats by designing and building a zoo exhibit.
Client Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
Audience Students, secondary education

Rotating Algal Turf Contactor Simulation Rotating Algal Turf Contactor Simulation
Students learn about utilizing natural resources for maintaining water quality by building an algae-based water filtration system.
Client Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
Audience Students, secondary education

Markup Tool Markup Tool
The Markup Tool was designed to support student reading comprehension of scientific texts. It provides students with annotation tools that allow students to "mark up" electronic text to identify important elements of the text such as main ideas and supporting ideas, key vocabulary, and transitions, and use dynamic "double entry journals" to reflect and make sense of key information. The tool was designed to work with Investigations in Environmental Science, a comprehensive, full-year environmental science course for 9-12th grade students.
Client University of Chicago/Northwestern University
Audience Students, secondary education

Laptop Use Analysis Laptop Use Analysis
Use Analysis is a software environment for the visualization and analysis of student computer use. The program was designed to allow researchers to study student use of laptops as part of "one-to-one" studies where students are given laptops to use, at home and at school, for the entire school year. Use Analysis uses data collected from each students' computer to generate a variety of visualizations and data tables that help researchers find patterns of use that occur over the course of the school year. The tool is being used to track the viral spread of applications and games across a student cohort as well as to identify contextual use patterns that are tied to times of day, school assignments, and other triggers.
Client University of Chicago
Audience Researchers working with students in 1:1 environments

Museum Work

We design and produce innovative interactive exhibits for museum settings.

Take a Stand! Take a Stand!
We conceived and produced an interactive exhibit for the museum's Youth Education Space that teaches about the power of your actions to make a difference in the world.
Client Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
Audience Docent-led field trips of children aged 9-11, as well as museum visitors
Format Physical space

eSuite: Designing Physical Learning Spaces eSuite: Designing Physical Learning Spaces
Awarded 2006 Citation of Merit for Design Excellence by the American Institute of Architects, Chicago!
We provided consulting and design services to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry to create a state of the art e-learning classroom called the eSuite.
Client Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Audience Students, teachers & exhibit planners, museum education
Format Physical space

Adler Planetarium Adler Planetarium
Inquirium helped the Adler evaluate and create design tools for a "Cyberinfrastructure Team" project that involved students in a distributed international effort to search digital sky surveys for Quasars, schedule observations of their quasar using high powered telescopes, and submit their findings to a global catalog of results for use by the astronomy research community. Inquirium's research and evaluation helped the museum develop a design that aligned with their stated learning goals and objectives.
Client Adler Planetarium
Audience Exhibit planners, museum education
Format Online environments

Lakeport Plantation & History Museum Lakeport Plantation & History Museum
Inquirium provided consulting services for the Lakeport Plantation & History Museum, a meticulously restored plantation in the Arkansas Delta dedicated to uncovering, preserving and teaching the stories and cultural heritage of those who lived and worked on the plantation during the eras of slavery and sharecropping, and of their descendants in modern times.
Client Lakeport Plantation & History Museum
Audience Exhibit planners, museum education
Format Physical space

Design Consultation

Inquirium provides design consultation, project management, and software evaluation services.

Flex 3 Learning Resources Flex 3 Learning Resources
Inquirium helped Adobe Systems reconceptualize their print-based learning resources for the web. This work is initially focused on Adobe's Flex 3 product line, but is intended as a model other products down the line. The main component of this work involved designing a new interactive web-based Getting Started experience that is tailored to users' prior knowledge and accommodates different learning styles. In addition, to address challenges with their existing web site, Inquirium devised a system to help users easily find and access the hundreds of learning resources available for the Flex development framework.
Client Adobe
Audience Flex users
Format Online resources

My World GIS My World GIS
A tool for students to investigate global and local geographic data. Inquirium provided design, software evaluation, classroom testing, professional development and project management services.
Client Northwestern University
Audience Students & teachers, secondary education
Format Desktop application

Adaptive Instructional Materials System Adaptive Instructional Materials System
A web-based course design tool that provides 'teachers of teachers' with a knowledge-base about advances in educational research, instructional practice, and assessment. Inquirium provided evaluation, redesign, implementation, and professional development services.
Client University of Illinois at Chicago
Audience Students, secondary education
Format Web-based application

Tamoxifen Education Tamoxifen Education
We adapted our SeeSaw application for use in a web-based pilot project for counseling patients at high risk for breast cancer on treatment options.
Client Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago/ Edumedia, Inc.
Audience Medical patients, physicians, researchers
Format Web-based application

Inquirium Products

The software we sell enhances thinking by giving people new ways of manipulating, viewing, and analyzing text, video, and audio. All Inquirium products are designed for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

ICLS 2010 ICLS 2010
iPhone program guide for the International Society of the Learning Sciences conference.
Audience Conference attendees
Format iPhone Application

InqScribe InqScribe
A flexible tool for iteratively transcribing, coding, and analyzing digital audio and video.
Audience Researchers, teacher professional developers, professional transcribers & documentarians
Format Desktop application

SeeSaw SeeSaw
A tool for articulating, exploring, and analyzing the tradeoffs between alternative solutions.
Audience Students, secondary education
Format Desktop application