Our design philosophy reflects our innovative approach to learning.

Our Design Approach

Focus on Learning Goals

Technology should be used in the service of well-defined learning goals. We begin the design process by identifying learning goals, and from that foundation seek the best solution and use the most appropriate technology for a given project.

Designs for How People Learn

Our tools incorporate research-based, developmentally appropriate supports -- or "scaffolds" -- that help novices master ideas and skills that would otherwise be beyond their capacity.

Designs for Social Learning

People do not learn in a vacuum. Our designs make use of collaboration, cultural relevance, community impact, and the sharing of ideas with others.

Designs for Lifelong Learning

Our specialty is designing for K-12 and informal learning settings. We have significant experience designing for zoos, universities, schools, and museums and are sensitive to the differences involved in designing software for educational, rather than corporate, audiences. Check out our portfolio's client list.