Technology & Learning Magazine: Ads or real substance?

I just got a Special Invitation to sign up for a free complimentary subscription to “Technology and Learning,” which appears to be one of those magazines where meager articles provide the justification for a book full of advertisements. From the looks of it, it’s geared towards teachers and tech staff at schools. Still, it’d interesting to see who’s in this market and what kinds of products are being pitched. Based on the ads on their web site, it looks like it’s gonna be mostly hardware pitches, with a few software vendors thrown in. We’ll see if the ratio holds in the magazine.

posted April 26, 2006 by ben

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Inquirium had the pleasure of serving on a panel at Tech Forum 2005 (, an annual conference sponsored by T&L. It was an interesting conference, with a mix of interesting panels and vendor-sponsored demos.

The audience is largely administrators, tech coordinators, and tech-savvy teachers. There was a strong vendor presence there-- mainly the large industry players such as TI, Palm, Epson, and the large publishers.

Given their large circulation (they have a fairly broad presence in schools nationally), my guess is that the products being pitched are limited to the offerings of those who can afford the advertising budget.
matt () - 28 04 06 - 10:31

Ah, I hadn't connected the two. So the "large publishers" were folks like Tom Snyder? What was your take on the software to hardware ratio, if you remember?
ben () - 28 04 06 - 13:20

Hardware companies were the likes of Epson, Palm, TI, Smart... I think Qwizdom was there too. Companies pitching online systems were there as well: Net Trekker, Atomic Learning, and Learning Point. There were mainly content providers of some sort-- including PD and educational content. Riverdeep was there as well.

Definitely, they were targetting school-based decision makers-- the folks who have purchase power in their schools/districts. They didn't seem to be targeting teachers as much.

Overall, I'd say 60/40, Hardware/Content.
matt () - 01 05 06 - 18:05

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