How to play .wmv and .wma files on Mac OS X

Great news for Mac users! Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows Media Player on OS X, and is now recommending that Mac users download Flip4Mac’s WMV plugin to play Windows Media format files (.wmv, .wma, and .asf) within QuickTime.

Flip4Mac has been around for a while, but what’s new is that, via a deal with Microsoft, the WMV plugin is now free and Microsoft is actively distributing it.

This means that Mac InqScribe users can now transcribe .wma, .wmv, and .asf format files. The only trick, once you install Flip4Mac, is that InqScribe hasn’t been updated to regard those file formats as playable files. So what you need to do is hold down the Option key when you click the “Select File…” button (or use the Media > Define Media File… menu item). This step lets you select any file, rather than limiting you to only those files InqScribe thinks it can play.

Ironically, this means that InqScribe supports Windows Media files on Mac OS before it supports them on Windows. But Windows users, be patient. This is a temporary condition.

posted January 16, 2006 by eric

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Nice Guide!
I also found another nice guide about "How to Play WMV files on Mac for free":
It supplyed some free softwares for Mac users to play WMV files on Mac .
Lynn LU () - 04 03 09 - 01:31

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