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Our Services

We recognize that designing innovative learning technology requires a diverse set of expertise. We have both the design expertise and the technical resources to implement our designs.

We are experienced in learning, instruction, cognition, technology, design, and implementation. Further, we work with a large network of educators, researchers, artists, developers, and subject matter specialists when other specific expertise is needed. The combination of our design expertise with our network of professionals allows us to offer comprehensive design services that ensures that we meet the original design goals.

“Inquirium provided a thoughtful, human approach to my project... Their recommendations stemmed from experience and research, and I trusted their advice. I would recommend their services to anybody seeking a creative approach to a project.”
– Elory Rozner, Museum of Science and Industry


What Can We Do For You?

We offer a complete range of custom software development services to our clients. We provide the pedagogical expertise and the technical implementation expertise for all of your project needs.

Contact us for more information about our services.

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Research Expertise

We are trained as researchers and can engage in formative research, user studies, assessment studies, and other forms of research. Much of the work we do is tied to grants from funding agencies like NSF, NIH and NEA. We have experience in grantwriting and are willing to partipate in the grant development process. (Many clients find our input during the grantwriting process to be helpful in terms of refining the technological scope of the project and assuring that the appropriate resources are included in the proposal.)

A Focus on Learning Goals

Our overriding focus is on producing designs that meet the project's learning goals. Fidelity to these goals, rather than adherence to a technical specifications document, drives our work. Our background in educational research allows us to work with clients to co-design solutions that align with known task models for how learners learn. Our management of the development process ensures that we can revise technical specifications as needed to improve the learning experience.

Innovative Technology

We specialize in designing learning environments that combine the latest research on how people learn with pioneering technologies. We design web-based environments, desktop application-based environments, and consult on the design of physical spaces for learning. See our portfolio for examples of our work.

An Iterative Design Approach

Our iterative design approach insures that client needs are being met and that the technology successfully promotes the appropriate learning goals. We help generate models of use, translate these models into functional specifications for developers, review the design for pedagogical, technical, and curricular content, and constantly provide feedback to assure that your initial ideas evolve into a powerful learning environment.

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