Designing Learning Technology

Wed, 13 Aug 2003

Go iBot Go!
Yeah, the Segway is cute. But before Segway, Dean Kamen invented the iBot, which has much more potential to have a positive impact in people's lives. And the FDA finally approved it.

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NYTimes: Writing on the Web
The Times writes about web publishing as a means to motivate students to write, but misses the boat on the use of weblog technology to support the process. In either case, however, technology is providing leverage because it's automating the publish/subscribe process. It used to be to publish on the web, you had to know and care about HTML. And after you'd gone through the trouble of getting something online, who would come and read it? Now, content management systems let writers focus on writing, not HTML, and syndication technologies like RSS provide ways to broadcast new content and establish an audience.

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