Designing Learning Technology

Fri, 27 Jun 2003

NAEP Reading Results Released
The Christian Science Monitor reports on the 2002 reading results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The Monitor calls the results mixed: 4th graders made slight improvements, while 12th graders slipped. Want to see the results yourself? Go to NAEP's site.

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Bluetooth in Denmark: Possibilities for Informal Education
A Danish zoo is using Bluetooth and a distributed set of base stations to track the location of children within the zoo. Parents can register their cell phones and access their kids' location via text messaging. If this catches on (for safety reasons) it creates some interesting potential. For one, it gives educational researchers working in informal settings access to much broader data about where visitors go and how much time they spend in any given location. While adults don't typically wear a tag, it puts the infrastructure in place for these researchers to easily support tracking, instead of having to dream up their own system. (Anyone else think it's ironic that within the zoo, the species being tracked is homo sapiens?) Finally, if we've got a handle on visitors and can track them through a zoo (or museum, aquarium, or any other similar facility) it opens up lots of possibilities for customized educational support. Currently, lots of facilities provide electronic guides that can tell the visitor about a specific exhibit, but the guides don't necessarily know what else the visitor has already seen. Now, the context of the visitor's ongoing learning experience can be taken into account.

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TAPPED IN 2 launches in July
Actually, the transition process for this online community has been ongoing, but the project is planning a launch festival for July 16.

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