assign('title', 'Contact Inquirium'); $page->assign('location', 'about'); $html = <<
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EOD; $sidebar = <<Contacting Inquirium

Use the form on this page to contact us.

Please include your email address so that we may respond to you.

This form must be submitted within four hours. This helps us reduce automated form spam and focus on responding to valid inquiries. You can always refresh this page to extend the expiration time.

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EOD; /* If this is a Scribe-related request, show a link back to Scribe home page. */ if (strpos($contact_code, "scribe_") !== false) { $sidebar .= <<InqScribe

Return to the InqScribe web site.

EOD; } $page->assign('content', $html); $page->assign('sidebar', $sidebar); $page->display('main.tpl'); ?>