Teleprompter-style Scrolling Subtitles with InqScribe

Someone recently asked us if InqScribe could support teleprompter-style subtitles, e.g. subtitles that slowly scroll onto and off the screen. They needed to project a video with detailed transcripts to a large audience and they were concerned that traditional subtitles would disappear too quickly off the screen before folks could read it.
While this currently isn't directly supported in InqScribe, it *is* possible to use QuickTime Text Descriptors within InqScribe to do this. Basically, we need to do two things:

  1. Make the subtitle pane large enough to display a lot of text. The easy way to do this is to place it side by side with the movie, like this:

  2. Insert special QuickTime Text Descriptors within your transcript to tell QuickTime to scroll the text on and off the screen.
Here are some detailed instructions to create teleprompter-style subtitle with InqScribe.
  1. Transcribe your video, or open your transcription in InqScribe. (If you're transcribing as you go, it's relatively easy to insert time codes as you transcribe.)

  2. If you haven't already, insert time codes at the points in the text when you want them to appear. You should probably play with a small snippet first (rather than trying to insert time codes in the whole document) to get a feel for how long each code point should be.

  3. In order to get the text to scroll teleprompter style, you need to insert special QuickTime commands at the beginning of each transcript line, right after the time code. There are two codes: {scrollIn: on} and {continuousScroll: on} So your transcript might look something like this:
    [00:00:00.00]{scrollIn: on}{continuousScroll: on}
    Introductory preface related to this recording.

    [00:00:10.00]{scrollIn: on}{continuousScroll: on}
    The Declaration of Independence of Thirteen Colonies

    [00:00:14.16]{scrollIn: on}{continuousScroll: on}
    IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776

    [00:00:18.21]{scrollIn: on}{continuousScroll: on}
    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

    If you're careful not to use a right bracket ("]") in your transcript, you can use InqScribe to do a Find "]" and Replace it with "]{scrollIn: on}{continuousScroll: on}" to insert the code automatically.

  4. Export your file as a Subtitled Movie.
    Select "File-Export as Subtitled Movie..."
    You'll want to set a few things in the "Export Subtitled Movie" settings window.
    1. Under "Position" choose "Custom Position"
    2. Click on the "Customize Position" button to set the position of the subtitles. In order to set the subtitle pane to sit to the right of the movie (e.g. a split screen) what you want to do is to set the "Height" to be equal to the height of your movie, and the "Left" position to be equal to the width of the movie. You can set width to whatever you think looks best for your text. For example, if my movie is 128px tall and 96px wide, then I want to set the position to:
      Top: 0
      Left: 128
      Height: 96
      Width: 128

    3. Make sure that the "Use Unicode" checkbox is NOT checked.

    4. Click on "Choose File" to set the name of your exported movie.

    5. Click on "Export" to export the movie.

You'll probably need to try exporting a few times to see the results and tweak accordingly.

If you enjoyed this one, you might also be interested in the full gamut of QuickTime Text Descriptors that allow you to control many aspects of subtitle display. QuickTime Text Descriptors

Have fun and show us what you do!

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posted March 15, 2006 by ben

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