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Handbrake 0.9.3 released

A new version of Handbrake is out. One of the more significant aspects of this release is that you can now use Handbrake to convert video in a variety of formats, not just DVDs. We recommend Handbrake for our users who need to transcribe DVDs. Since InqScribe does not control DVDs directly, you can use Handbrake to “rip” the DVD to an MPEG-4 file. As a bonus, the digital file is much more responsive to playback control.

Handbrake is compatible with OS X and Windows (and Linux, but InqScribe isn’t there yet).

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Make a feature suggestion on UserVoice

We’re always happy to take feature requests for InqScribe, but one of the limits of our current form-based approach is that it doesn’t let you see who else might be interested in the same features that you are.

A site called UserVoice lets users suggest and vote for new features, and we’ve created an InqScribe UserVoice page. If you have new feature suggestions, please use this page to add them and vote for what’s important to you.

We’re excited about this approach for several reasons:

Head on over to the InqScribe UserVoice page to make your opinions known!

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