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Presidential education policy: Where's the beef?

With everything else going on in the presidential campaign, education policy hasn’t received much attention. EdWeek has been doing a good job of tracking the candidates’ positions on education on their Campaign 08 site.

Also of note: EdWeek plans to webcast a live debate next week between Linda Darling-Hammond, education adviser to Barack Obama, and Lisa Graham Keegan, education adviser to John McCain. The event is scheduled for 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 21. If you want to watch the debate, go here to register.

Update: the debate is over, but a recording is available for your online viewing pleasure.

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A learning sciences calendar

Periodically I’ll mention an interesting conference or event that comes across my virtual desk. It makes nice blog fodder, but I find it’s easier to keep track of these kinds of things on a calendar. So we’ve started Inq Learning Sciences: a Google calendar dedicated to events and dates of interest to the learning sciences community. We’re posting events as we find out about them, and we’re happy to add things on request.

Upcoming events from this calendar are shown over in the sidebar. If this is useful to you, you can add the calendar to your Google calendars pretty easily. iCal users can subscribe using this link.

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