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Sweating Design

Via ArsTechnica, a Business Week report on a session at SXSW on why great design is hard. In particular, the report highlights some really interesting design practices at Apple. Generating ten pixel-perfect alternative designs on the way to one final product sounds exhausting. The discussion of holding separate brainstorming and implementation design meetings, even late in the game, fits pretty well with our own take on iterative design. If you’re not willing to consider radical ideas, you’re producing an incremental design and you may end up boxed in a corner. (We just took a major UI zig on a project very late in the process, so I can report that this approach is not without pain, but we’re pretty happy with the result.)

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OS X 10.5.2 breaks a few dialogs

We’ve discovered that the OS X 10.5.2 update has caused a couple problems for InqScribe users.

Here’s the issue. If one or more floating windows are open (e.g. the Shortcuts window), then when a sheet dialog opens, the floating window gets sent all the mouse clicks that should be going to the sheet dialog.

(Sheet dialogs are dialog boxes that zoom out of the main document window. Other kinds of modal dialogs, like the Find dialog, are not affected.)

This is most noticeably a problem with the “Missing Media” dialog, where InqScribe asks you to click one of three buttons. But clicking doesn’t do anything. Argh!

The workaround is to close the floating windows. Once you do that, you’ll be able to click things in the sheet dialog again.

This bug seems to be OS X 10.5.2-specific. We’re quite curious whether 10.5.3 will fix what 10.5.2 broke, but we don’t intend to wait that long. We’ll get a new release out soon that resolves the problem.

Update: 10.5.3 does indeed fix the problem.

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