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MacArthur Announces Winners of Digital Media & Learning Competition

The MacArthur Foundation, which for a few years now has been supporting a $50 million digital media and learning initiative, just announced the winners of its innaugural Digital Media & Learning Competition. Seventeen winners in two categories shared $2 million in funding. According to the press release the “projects are expected to produce promising innovations and share new ideas within the emerging field of digital media and learning.”

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InqScribe 2.0.5

InqScribe 2.0.5 is primarily a bugfix release. Users with foot pedals will be happy to note that this version properly loads their foot pedal settings again. We’ve also made a few changes to the foot pedal wizard to make it smarter about clearing out old settings when you set up a foot pedal.

If you’ve been having trouble with foot pedal-based shortcuts, install this version and you should be set. If you have multiple shortcuts mapped onto the same foot pedal button (this may have happened if you ran the foot pedal setup wizard more than once) then you should run the foot pedal setup wizard one more time. In 2.0.5, the wizard will delete the duplicate settings for you.

Also of note: we’ve added support for 23.976 (or 23.98) and 59.94 fps time code formats. Here’s a complete list of what’s new.

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