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InqScribe 2.0.4

Hot on the heels of the last point release, here’s InqScribe 2.0.4. This version fixes a couple more bugs for Windows users and also updates the built-in bug reporter to send us a bit more information about your current preferences and keyboard shortcuts. This saves us having to ask you for that information, and saves you from having to tell us, when you submit bug reports or feature requests. A win all around.

(You knew you could submit reports and requests from within InqScribe, right? Check the Help menu.)

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InqScribe 2.0.3

We released InqScribe 2.0.3 today. This is primarily a bugfix version; you can see the list of changes here.

Several of you have been using a beta version of 2.0.3 that expired last week. We apologize for any downtime between the expiration and this release.

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