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About that Courtesy License

If you’ve downloaded InqScribe recently, you may have noticed that it comes with a built-in evaluation license that expires on May 1. Remember that you can request your own personal evaluation license if you’d like a longer evaluation period.

There's more...
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eSuite Receives 2006 Citation of Merit from AIA Chicago

A high-tech classroom that Inquirium helped to design at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry recently earned the 2006 Citation of Merit at the 51st Annual Design Excellence Awards of the American Institute of Architects of Chicago

Inquirium teamed up with a team of architects, AV specialists, and museum educators to conceive the eSuite, an adaptable, technology-rich learning space that integrates networked computing, distributed displays, and teleconferencing capabilities.

According to the Museum’s project manager, Inquirium “was very instrumental in the success of the space.”

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Using InqScribe & Morae to study student software use

Here’s an interesting example of an educational researcher using Inquirium’s InqScribe to make a subtitled movie of classroom footage. The students are using [ESRI’s ArcView GIS](] to study plate tectonics in a unit developed by Northwestern University’s GEODE Initiative. The video was captured using Techsmith’s Morae, which records screen video of software use and integrates it with web cam footage of users.

Inscribe subtitles with Arcivew & Morae

This example highlights how InqScribe allows users to control the location, size, and style of subtitles. Note that in this case, the author is taking advantage of InqScribe’s support of custom QuickTime text descriptors to control the font appearance (i.e., software actions are bold blue, student movements are bold yellow).

For an illustration of how to use QuickTime Text tags in InqScribe, see our FAQ on making subtitled text scroll.

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InqScribe 2.0 Released

Inquirium announces the immediate release of InqScribe 2.0, our cross-platform solution for transcribing, annotating, and subtitling digital media files. New features include:

InqScribe 2.0 is a free update for owners of InqScribe 1.5. Available immediately for Mac OS X and Windows, InqScribe is on sale for $69 through May 15, $99 thereafter. Academic, student, and site licenses are available on request.

Designed for researchers, transcriptionists, and film and video professionals who work with extensive audio and video data, InqScribe features a flexible editing environment, QuickTime and Windows Media support, foot pedal support, customizable keyboard shortcuts for controlling media playback and inserting repetitive text, and a range of import and export options. InqScribe transcripts contain embedded timecodes that allow instant access to arbitrary times within the media file. Extensive subtitling support make it easy to generate captioned media from transcript files. Unregistered versions of InqScribe have limited functionality; users may request free, time-limited evaluation licenses to explore the full capabilities of the application.

Inquirium creates compelling problem-based environments for learners and innovative information analysis tools for teachers and researchers. As professional educators, designers, developers, and researchers, we bring a unique combination of skills to the design of any learning environment. We have a deep understanding of how people learn, as well as the experience and technical capacity to design and develop robust software solutions for a variety of learning contexts.

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Encore: A Learning Sciences Wiki

Jim Slotta’s research group up at UToronto has put together a wiki to track learning sciences research and resources.

ENCORE is an Educational Network and Community for Open Resource Exchange. It is created, managed, and maintained by volunteers from within the learning sciences. Our goal is to support researchers as they exchange open source or open content materials, including relevant support documentation, constraints to implementation, and contact info. ENCORE is implemented in an enhanced wiki format, allowing for easy maintenance of small thematic spaces and collaborations. Researchers may find great materials here, and get support from colleagues to embed or intermingle those materials effectively and appropriately. Instructors or students in learning sciences courses may find and contribute reviews of papers, technologies, or other resources. Small groups can form “Collaborations” to support their efforts to exchange materials or develop new ones.

Right now it’s a bit light on content, which is the usual challenge for collaborative sites in their “pre-tipping point” stage of development. Encore is also going up against more established resources like LESTER.

LESTER’s fundamental mission is to encourage the open exchange of information and ideas within the learning science and technology community. By contributing to LESTER, you can help to build a more useful gateway to information about educational technology and current research into learning, make your work more widely known, keep current with ongoing research, and exchange information with colleagues.

LESTER’s current content dwarfs Encore’s, but Encore may be trying to promote active collaboration and knowledge-building in a way that goes beyond what LESTER tries to do. (For example, Encore’s a pure wiki approach, where LESTER content is managed more centrally.)

In any case, more LS resources can’t hurt.

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CSCL 2007: Registration Open

CSCL 2007 runs from July 16-21 and will be held at Rutgers University. Early registration opened a couple of days ago, and ends May 31.

The theme of the conference, Of Mice, Minds, and Society, explores interrelations among technology, individual cognition, and social cognition. The goal of the conference is to sharpen the community’s perspectives on how these threads of CSCL are interwoven and how they interactively contribute to an understanding of the nature of learning in technology-supported environments. The community must engage in collaborative knowledge building to help understand the dialectical relationships among technology, collaboration, and learning. The theme denotes the relationship between the technological interface (of mice) that supports individual or group cognition (of minds). It also reflects the larger societal context in which collaborative activity is valued, promoted, and encouraged (of society). Collaborative activity that is supported by computing resources can achieve its potential to foster creative problem solving, build and extend community, and amplify the resources available to individuals or groups. The theme of the conference reflects our goal to explore how this potential can be achieved.

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InqScribe 2.0 debut at AERA

At long last! The InqScribe 2.0 golden master is off to the CD production house! Look for 2.0’s debut on this site in about a week.

Like last year, we will be handing out hundreds of free demo CDs at the American Educational Researcher Association conference in Chicago. We actually have a couple of sample InqScribe files and movies on the CD that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you can’t make it to the conference to snag goodies, you can always download the software from our web site:

2.0 will be a free upgrade for anyone with a 1.x license.

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