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Previewing InqScribe 1.1: Pitch Lock

InqScribe 1.1 development is underway, and much of the focus is on adding features that address ideas that were requested by our users. We’re going to start previewing these features here. This gives us a chance to give our users an advance peek at what’s coming.

First up is Pitch Lock. InqScribe has always allowed you to adjust the playback speed of your audio or video file. You might want to slow down playback because you’re having trouble figuring out what someone is saying. Or, if you need to review a 30 minute interview but you only have 25 minutes, you might speed up playback so you can get through the entire interview in less than real time.

The problem with both of these strategies has been that when you change the playback rate, you also change the pitch. Slowing down playback too much means that everyone starts to sound like kids pretending to run in slow motion, while speeding up playback means listening to The Chipmunks.

Pitch Lock solves this. With Pitch Lock turned on (it’s a user preference), InqScribe will preserve the original pitch of your media, even if you change the playback rate.

Pitch Lock requires QuickTime 7, which adds core audio support that makes it possible. One of the really cool things about this is that it means that any file you open in InqScribe can take advantage of Pitch Lock: MP3, MPEG, MOV, WAV, AAC… if QuickTime can open it, Pitch Lock will work.

Of course, if you miss the chipmunks, you can always turn Pitch Lock off in the preferences dialog.

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InqScribe and Foot Pedals

We’ve added a web page discussing InqScribe and Foot Pedals. It covers compatibility issues and how to get InqScribe to recognize foot pedals in Windows and Mac OS X. Have a look.

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