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InqScribe 1.0.2

We’ve released InqScribe 1.0.2. This free update greatly improves subtitling support for non-English transcripts and contains several minor fixes. You can download InqScribe 1.0.2 here.

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QuickTime 7 Public Preview 3

Apple has been releasing public previews for QuickTime 7 for Windows, and these previews have had the unfortunate side effect of making every other application that depends on QuickTime (including InqScribe) crash immediately. Needless to say, this has been awful for users who are interested in QT7, who often don’t realize the connection between installing the public preview and discovering that all these other applications stop working.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that Apple just released Public Preview 3, which — finally — fixes the problem (at least for InqScribe, which is obviously my main concern). Note, however, that Apple still includes this warning with the public preview:

Apple recommends that you use QuickTime 7 for Windows Public Preview only for testing purposes on non-essential systems. We do not recommend its use with other QuickTime-based applications, such as iTunes. The Public Preview is not supported by AppleCare.

My advice? Stick with QuickTime 6.5 unless there’s a compelling reason why you have to upgrade now. If you do need to use QT7, upgrade to Public Preview 3 right away.

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